A clever option

The EkoKombi can be described as a suction vehicle equipped with a water tank and a smaller water pump. The EkoKombi can be used in many different applications where a fully sized unit is not needed, for example, real estate building pipeline flushing, rainwater gully flushing and of course for septic tank emptying.

Freeze protection

As with all other vehicles built in Finland, freeze protection is very effective. All water-carrying pipes or components are located in a heated and insulated area. This means that the unit can be effectively used down to -30° C. We have also managed to implement freeze protection to simplify the work and, as a result, the maintenance of the technology is a lot easier because everything is kept clean and tidy.


The vacuum systems uses 900 – 4.600 m³/h Roots compressors. The high pressure system uses a 150 litres/min KDU pressure transducer with a maximum water pressure of 170 bar, or alternatively 3-piston pumps with a variable output. The hydraulic system is load sensing, which means that only the power currently required is taken out of the chassis’ engine.

The EkoKombi concept can be built on a 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis. Volumes may be varied depending on requirements and applications.

The IQAN system monitors and controls the various processes, which makes the work significantly easier.


A wide range of options are available.  


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