• Eco 3.0

Eco 3.0

Spoľahlivý aj v najťažších podmienkach

The Eco 3.0 stands for the latest generation of the EcoCombi series which sets new standards in the area of efficient sewer cleaning with water recycling. 

Very compact dimensions thanks to an extremely short wheelbase, modern design and the combined hose boom are the most striking new features along with the proven high-power components KDU, KWP and ROTOMAX. 

The vehicle has a maximum jetting capacity of 400 litres a minute and a maximum water pressure of 200 bar. The vacuum pump delivers a maximum air flow of 3100 m3/h. The combined jetting and suction hose boom can take a suction hose length of up to 20 m and enables an extremely low overall height of less than 3.5 m. The flexibility of the boom - offering swivel and telescoping functions as well as up and down movements - further expands the working range. 

Efficient and user-friendly

The ultramodern KAISERtronic control system has enabled further optimisation of the hydraulic drive. Output-regulated pumps which only deliver the capacity that is actually required make the Eco 3.0 decidedly more fuel-efficient while providing consistently high performance. The integrated remote maintenance system and even simpler handling enhance the operational efficiency of the vehicles and facilitate maintenance. 


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